​​​​​​​​​​​Melissa Biefeld: Bryant & Stratton College

TMB Experience: "Without TMB, I wouldn't be the player I am today. Although I was with them for one season, I made new friends, and learned a lot. TMB was an amazing experience that i'm glad I got to be a part of. TMB will always be a part of me successfully making my dream come true, and becoming a college athlete." 

Lexi Schmidt: Clarke University

TMB Experience: "TMB has really impacted my life! It has given me many opportunities that I may not have had before TMB. This has allowed me to come out of my comfort zone and make new friends that will last a life time. I will always remember my experiences and memories with TMB." 

Cheyanne Simkins: Western Texas CC
TMB Experience: "My experience with TMB Siftball was amazing! I had a great time with the staff and the other athletes I interacted with. This was the first team I played with besides my local traveling team and TMB Softball made me feel like it was a team I had played with for forever."

Carly Wichus: Carthage College

TMB Experience: "TMB was one of my favorite softball experiences. I met so many amazing people from all over the country, got exposure and worked with great coaches. It was an experience I will never forget."

​Elizabeth Groonwald: Lakeland University

TMB Experience: "Playing for TMB was an awesome experience.  I had a great time meeting players and coaches from across the country.  The TMB experience was something that I will always remember and helped me to fulfill my dream of playing college ball."​

​Lindsey Leistad: University of Nebraska-Kearney

Mission Statement

​We believe that every softball player who has a goal of playing at the highest level possible should be given every opportunity to live out that goal.  We try to make our events the most affordable in the industry, but refuse to cut corners to do so.  Our events are designed to have parents and coaches tell us, "You could easily have charged more money for this."  Well we could, but again, OUR GOAL IS FOR EVERY HIGH SCHOOL SOFTBALL PLAYER TO HAVE THE OPPORTUNITY TO GET THE EXPOSURE NEEDED PLAY AT THE COLLEGE LEVEL (OR BEYOND)!

​Shelby Clark: Indian Hills Community College

​Mattie Bredeson: UW-Lacrosse

Sophia Parpala - Denison College

Kenzie Siersma - West Virginia Tech

​TMB Experience: "My time with TMB was amazing. From learning new things about softball to creating friendships with people all around the country. TMB has taught me the passion and showed me the opportunities for recruitment. The TMB tournaments were always competitive, but they still had a very positive environment to help every girl grow. I'm very greatful for such a great experience!"

Joanna Cree - University of Dubuque

​TMB Experience: "I loved my time on the national team. I learned new things at all of the tournaments and from the different coaches. I made so many new bonds with girls that have the same drive for softball as I do and we had good chemistry playing together on the field! This team was such a great experience and I would do it all over again if I could!"

Cailee Bowlin - Neosho County Community College

Abby Jordan - Frank Phillips College

TMB Experience: "I had a blast playing in the 3 events for TMB.  The time we got to spend together traveling was priceless."

 TMB Softball - Hutchinson, MN - 320-583-2798 - cmccormick@collegescoutingbureau.net

​Mackenzie Wnuck: Wartburg College

Kiara Naydock: Chesapeake College

​TMB Experience: Being apart of the TMB national team for the past two years was amazing! I met so many wonderful coaches and players along the way. I got the chance to travel the country doing what I love and making friends and memories that'll last a lifetime. My favorite part of my TMB experience was definitely junior tour team! The week that I spent on the road with all the girls was amazing and I didn't want it to end. Overall, my TMB experience was awesome and I'm so grateful that I got such an amazing opportunity to be a part of such a great program!​

To see more info on this team and how to gain a roster spot go to CSB

​Abby McGee: Saginaw Valley State University

​TMB Experience: "TMB opened lots of doors for me, not only did I get to meet amazing people throughout the two years I was on the team, I learned the most important thing about the recruiting process, reaching out to coaches on your own. I realized how much I love this game, you cannot put a price on being able to travel, meet new people, and do what you love. I learned how to find the right fit when being recruited and as an athlete "recruiting" the school to see where I can see myself succeeding the most."

Mackenzie Gullette: Thiel College
TMB Experience: "I loved playing for TMB. I played for the most amazing coaches and gained so much experience. I even met my future coach. I met some wonderful girls most of which I'm still in contact with."

Allie Lamb: College of Southern Nevada
TMB Experience: "Playing with TMB softball was a great experience for me to have. Not only did I meet and get to play with great girls, I got to play and be coached by great college coaches. I took away so many great lessons, and learned so many things in just a single weekend. I'm so glad I was presented with such an opportunity."

Ashley Havermale: Culver-Stockton College

TMB Experience: "Through the TMB softball I learned things that I would have  never known about softball and it helped me to improve my game to the next level."

Alexa Miller: UW-Eau Claire
TMB Experience: "I had a great time with your program.The combines were run very well!"

Helena Winterhoff: UW-Lacrosse

TMB Experience: "Very fun! Great learning experience!"

​Ayla Arrington: Waldorf University

​​​Taylor Nelson: University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire

Where Are They Now

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​Mckayla Strohl: Alvernia University

Alayna Tulip: University of Wisconsin-Superior 

Bailey Hatfield: Mount Saint Joseph University

TMB Experience: "I thought TMB was a great experience that I will never forget. It was a great opportunity to play with coaches, and meet new girls. The environment you coaches created was positive and we could really just enjoy playing the game. I learned so much from the coach's and your program."​

Shelby Fischer: Concordia University-WI
TMB Experience: "My experience with TMB was awesome! I first came in contact with TMB by attending the Eau Claire combine last summer. I met the head coach of Concordia's softball team at the combine and was able to exchange information with him. I went to 3 of the 4 national team tourneys and had an amazing time. I met some really awesome girls, some of which I will see again when our travel teams play each other! Everyone was so helpful and understanding and helped me with contacting coaches and gave me great advice on and off the field. Overall, I loved being part of the TMB program and I would do it again in a heartbeat!"

Payton Goettsch: Northwestern College

TMB Experience: "I had a great experience with TMB. It gives you a good idea of how college will be."

​​​​ TMB National Teams