​​​​ TMB Sports 


(no rooms are blocked, these are suggestions)

Phoenixville HS, PA

- Comfort Inn,  2200 Stacy Dr 5th St Hwy, Reading, PA, 19605 (5 miles away)

​- Holiday Inn & Express,  405 N. Park Road, Wyomissing, PA, 19610 (5 miles away)

- Quality Inn & Suites,  635 Spring St., Wyomissing, PA, 19610 (5 miles away)

- The Inn at Reading,  1040 N. Park Rd., Wyomissing, PA, 19610  (5 miles away)

- Fairfield Inn & Suites,  21 Meridian BLVD., Reading, PA (rooms blocked till Wed. the 15th - call 610-376-4400, use code MAX)

Omaha, NE

- Hampton Inn Omaha, 11201 Davenport St, Omaha

- Best Western Old Mill Inn, 650 N 109th Ct, Omaha

- Sheraton Omaha Hotel, 655 N 108th Ave, Omaha

Milwaukee, WI

​-Hampton Inn and Suites,  8201 West Greenfield Ave., Milwaukee, WI, 53214  

-Country Inn and Suites,  1250 South Moorland Road, Brookfield, WI, 53005 

-Best Western, 1005 South Moorland Rd., Brookfield, WI, 53005

UT Dallas TMB Sports Winter Workouts 

(see page above)

Phoenix, AZ​​

-La Quinta,  902 West Grove Avenue, Mesa, AZ, 85210 
-Hawthorne Suites, 2301 E. Southern Ave., Tempe, AZ, 85282
-Hilton Garden Inn, 7290 South Price Rd., Tempe, AZ, 85283 

To be the Best you have to play with the Best

JD Alberhasky IA 2019
Nicholas Gough IL 2020
Alex Pruchnic AZ 2020
Trey Standifer AZ 2019
Isaiah Banuelos CA 2019
Sammy Schwartz IN 2020
Matthew Hinnen CO 2019
Isaac Contreras AZ 2020
Colton Wallace IL 2019
Cade Isbell TX 2019
Braydon McIntosh IA 2020
Dylan Rose CA 2020
Dartanyon Wilcox MS 2019
Johnathan Yandrich TX 2020
Chris Marcotte TX 2020
Justin Duplichan IA 2019
Austin Schaper TX 2019
Nicholas Cambias LA 2019
Kevin Wright LA 2020
Calvin Johnson OK 2019
Maverik Dobson TX 2019
Gavin McMillion SC 2021
Todd Kelly IL 2020
Skyler (Boogie) Saunders VA 2020
Austin Zane Edgar LA 2019
Matthew Poblete GA 2020
Adrian Mendoza TX 2020
Dalton Adams TX 2019
Logan Schweigert IL 2020
Braydon Blain TX 2020
Caden Shaw MI 2020
Joe Saccente NY 2020
Ethan  Cartwright KY 2019
Joshua Piccarreta PA 2019
Jimmy  D'Angelo WI 2019
Tyler Swanson IL 2020
Brandon Smith MO 2020
Brayden Bush IN 2019
Liam Jones WI 2020
James Horton TX 2019
Nicholas Anaya CA 2019
Deshon Thomas CA 2020
Bryce Jones IL 2019
Michael Medinas CA 2019
Vernon McKinley IL 2019
Connor Jones IL 2019
Ethan  Wendler IL 2019
Caleb Crawley CA 2019
Freddie John Wieder III MO 2019
Benjamin Davis IL 2019
Joshua Perez NY 2019
Jeffrey (JJ) Swafford Jr MO 2020

TMB Sports - Team MaxBat - TMB Softball - Hixton, WI - 320-583-2798 - cmccormick@tmbsports.net

​​​​​​​2019 Events

August 24th - 25th

​Lincoln University, PA

Team MaxBat/CSB National Tournament

​Region 1 - Northeast

September 28th - 29th

St. Albert Catholic HS, Chuck Wolever Field: 400 Gleason Ave., Council Bluffs, IA 51503

Team MaxBat/CSB National Tournament

Region 2 - Midwest

October 19th - 20th

Chain of Lakes Complex, Winterhaven, FL

Team MaxBat/CSB National Tournament

Region 3 - Southeast

November 23rd - 24th

UT Dallas (weather permitting), Extra Innings, Plano, TX (negative weather)

See TMB Sport's Winter Workouts Page

Texas TMB Sports Winter Workouts

Region 4 - South

January 18th - 20th

Hartnell College, CA

Team MaxBat/CSB National Tournament

Region 5 - West

February 15th - 16th


Team MaxBat/CSB National Tournament

Region 6 - Southwest

​​​​​Previous Colleges Attending

2018 Season

Phoenixville HS, PA

- Camden County College

- Jefferson

- Cairn University

- Sussex

- Mercy College 

​- Finlandia University

Omaha, NE

- Highland Community College

​- Ottawa University

​- MN West Community & Technical College

- Ellsworth CC

- Finlandia University

- Bethany College

- Mount Marty College

Milwaukee, WI

​- Piedmont International University

- Muskeegan CC

​- Harper College

- Finlandia University

​- Mount Mary University

UT Dallas TMB Sports Winter Workouts 

(see page above)

Phoenix, AZ​​

​- Paradise Valley CC

- Chandler Gilbert CC

- Park University

- Mesa CC

​- Finlandia University

​- Winona State

Reasons to play within the National Program!

1- You play at every event with college coaches from that area as your coaches.

2- The Directors at TMB Sports work behind the scenes talking with college coaches promoting every player in the program.

3- At all games the college coaches are instructed to not make game time decisions to change the outcome of the game and let the players show there knowledge on ability.

4- 95% placement of players each year into college programs (Based on TMB working with the CSB and player involvement).

5- By playing in all 6 events you are opening up many doors to college coaches who might not have heard of you otherwise. 

​6- If you are an un-signed senior, junior, sophomore, or freshman you can enhance your chances of getting recruited almost 100% a year by playing for TMB Programs.

7- Add up all the money you have paid so far for your travel programs including: gas money, time off of work for parents, hotels, cost of team, and food money. Then count how many times during this period you know for a fact your were the object of some college coaches attention and he reached out to you. Then put those numbers against what this program cost that has 100% guaranteed exposure. You will see why you should except your offer into the program. Remember this! You play in travel to hopefully get noticed. You cannot guarantee to a college recruiter that a ball will get hit to you or a pitcher will give you a pitch to hit when the recruiter is watching you! So by playing in this program you are enhancing your exposure to the college recruiter.

National Team 

Cost & What's Included
(4+ events: ​full 1 year subscription to www.collegescoutingbureau.net included

1-3 events: minimum 1 year subscription to www.collegescoutingbureua.net)

Cost Breakdown:
The total price to play on one of these teams for one full season w/ $250 deposit (deposit included in totals below)

1st year players $1900

2nd year returning players $1800

3rd year returning players is $1700

The total price to play on one of these teams for one full season, no deposit (paying a 1x payment in full)​

1st year players $1650

2nd year returning players $1550

3rd year returning players is $1450

Contact Cortney at cmccormick@tmbsport.net to find out about how the process of applying for aid starts.

(Scholarships start at 4 or more events)

Players can also choose to only attend certain events:

$500 per event (5 or less events attending)

Players who fly in alone will stay with the team. We will pick them up at the airport designated for that event. The extra cost for this is $25 a night for a players share of his room with the other players. A lot of parents use this option to keep flight cost down.

Cost DOES Include:

​Jersey, promotion of players around the country, and college coaches from each area as your coach during the events.​​​​

2018 Roster​​
(players with underline have a recruiting profile. Click on their name to go to profile. Use code "Coachneeds")