2018 Team MaxBat Showcases

  • September 21st - Millard North HS, NE
  • ​October 5th - Rainbow Park, Milwaukee, WI
  • December 2nd - Chain of Lakes Stadium, Winter Haven, FL
  • December 8th - 9th - UT Dallas, TX
  • ​December 15th - Mesa CC, AZ

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Welcome to TMB Sports. We help athletes looking to further their baseball/softball careers get to the collegiate level.​​

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Every year, thousands of high school players get overlooked in the recruiting process and think their career is over.  Parents often have dreams of their child playing in college (hopefully receiving an athletic scholarship to do so), but aren't sure if their child will get the exposure they need or if they can afford to pay for that exposure.  That is what TMB Sports is here to help with! Let us help YOU get to the next level!

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TMB Sports - Team MaxBat - TMB Softball - Hutchinson- 320-583-2798 - cmccormick@tmbsports.net

2018 TMB Softball Showcases

  • October 13th - Burlington Springwood Park, NC
  • November 16th - Daley Park, Tempe, Arizona
  • December 8th - 9th - UT Dallas, TX

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Team Special: 5+ players attend event = free skills video & $25 off per player. 9+ players attend event = free skills video & $50 off per player. (good for all events, but Winter Workouts)