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Player and Parent Testimonials

Current and former parent and player have had a great experience with Team MaxBat. If you are thinking about allowing us to help your son go onto the next level reading some of these might help with the decision process.

"I must admit that it took us a couple of years of playing travel ball to understand the concepts that you have outlined here.   And I wish that someone told us this years ago like you are telling the younger players now.  My son has a couple of friends who are Seniors who still don't get it.  I am thankful for Team MaxBat for the exposure that it has afforded my son in his time of peak performance.   He has loved the experience and therefore so have I.  I do not worry about him while he is gone.   The program is structured so that we know what to expect and haven't been promised anything that we haven't been given.  I stepped out on faith and made a financial decision for him to be on your team.  It hasn't been easy, but it has been worth it.  I truly appreciate your help."

Mrs. Roy DeJesus

"My son and I just returned from a visit to Goshen.  We both loved it!  I met Coach Jackson for the first time and I see why Clinton likes him so much.  This is an opportunity he would have never had without Team MaxBat.   We are excited to see what the future will bring but I wanted to let you know that I am grateful to you and Team MaxBat and I would be happy to provide a reference to any parent who may desire one, just as I did."

 Thank you,
Mrs. Stroble

"You are correct on the recruiting process. The more Shawn has been exposed the more we have learned. I think to some degree younger players have confused the team as being a team that plays to win in a national format. Where as your goal has been about placement and training. What they are also forgetting is they have to do work too in reaching out to colleges and then incorporating you and MaxBat into the mix which plays well."

Scott Ligocki

Team MaxBat Q@A

The following are a list of questions that we get here at Team MaxBat. Below each question is the answer you might be looking for. If your question is not answered then please email Coach Pat at

Travel Teams

Why should I choose Team MaxBat over the program I am currently in?

The main difference between Team MaxBat and local travel teams is the fact that our coaches are current collegiate players or coaches, whose main objective is not to win but rather to promote every player on the team.  We do this by making sure kids play their primary positions, that we feel as a coaching staff is the best chance for them to make it to the college level. 
Another unique thing we do is bring in 12 player rosters, with 2 primary catchers, 4 primary pitchers, and the rest are position players who can also pitch.  We try to teach all players who pitch, to throw the least amount of pitches possible for an outing and to conserve their arm so that they can play a position, if that is important to them.
We take these teams to where we consider the hot beds of baseball are in the United States to find players.  Two things are very important when we go to these areas, exposure for our players and also to give our players a taste of what other talent is out there so they can see where they stand and how much they need to work.
We also run player meetings at the end of every night, to go over what took place that day, good and bad, and to plan out the next day.
Players are not required to tryout year after year as long as they hold up their end of the bargain which means they maintain a healthy GPA and remain eligible to be recruited. No player is allowed in this program just to play if they can't be recruited because of bad grades. Parents are required to tell us if grades are slipping so we can help out in the process.
We make a very considerable effort to make sure that every single player that finishes their senior year with us, goes on to play college baseball somewhere in the country.  We do this by making sure our players understand what level they are and teach them how to contact and talk to college coaches and recruiters.  We also make phone calls on behalf of our players to promote them to the schools of their interest right before they make a visit.
The key to recruiting is having a resume full of information that was created with the help of current college players and coaches.  This way the college coach knows that when he receives information from a Team MaxBat player, that the information is legitimate and approved by other college coaches and players.
Players who play in a bad travel program where they are getting no feedback, or the team is playing to win which causes certain players playing time to go down if they are not producing the way the coach wants them to, usually go out on their own to try to get recruited and make a lot of mistakes and spend a lot of money. Team MaxBat is designed to save the added expense of getting recruited by guiding its players towards what events they should attend and what camps to attend. Players call us all the time who are in our program about mail that they get and we help them sift through what is legitimate and what is a scam.
Players can attend any of our combines for free  as long as they are an active player within the program. Most players do this to update their current bios and videos.
Scholarships are available to players based on family need.
Price of being a player goes down every year.
Relationships with new coaches increase every year.

Why should I attend a Team MaxBat combine/tryout over any other showcase?

All of our events are ran like a pro-style tryout, with players running the 60 yard dash, throwing against the radar gun, fielding, and hitting.  The biggest difference is the fact that our college coaches are on the field running the event.  The next difference is that we take the time to have 20 minute mini-clinics before we start the evaluation process so we can evaluate the comprehension level of a player; of what he just learned in that period.
Our event information is also sent out to college coaches within a 300 mile circle of the event, who might not have been able to attend. The information is complete with player contact information and the results from that day.
All the information collected that day plus the player's picture are placed on the Team MaxBat website at no extra charge to the player or his family, until the day that player graduates high school.  A player can use this link to direct college coaches to what he did that day.
Video work is done at a reduced rate and a player can choose this to add to his bio, which will go up on the website at no charge.  College coaches like our videos because they are short, to the point, and cover all aspects that coaches need to see so they can decide if they want to recruit that player or not.

When a player travels, do their parents have to come?

Parents are encouraged to attend so they learn the recruiting process but we also understand the financial side of things so we make sure we are available to pick players up from airports and give them rides back.  The players are required to call us and their parents the minute they land, and then call their parents again once we have them in possession.  When a player departs they are required to call us and their parents once they are through security and then once they are on the plane. When the plane lands back at home the players are suppose to text us once their parents have them.

Do players get discounts on any MaxBat bats or apparel once they are in the program?

Once a player attends any of our events they are now eligible to get reduced rates on any bats or equipment that MaxBat has to offer. This deal goes until the player is done playing ball at what ever age he decides to walk away.
A player's relatives also are eligible for discounts as long as the player is active within the program.

Team MaxBat Mission Statement

We believe that every baseball player who has a goal of playing at the highest level possible should be given every opportunity to live out that goal.  We try to make our events the most affordable in the industry, but refuse to cut corners to do so.  Our events are designed to have parents and coaches tell us (which happens frequently) "You could easily have charged more money for this."  Well we could, but again,
OUR GOAL IS FOR EVERY HIGH SCHOOL BASEBALL PLAYER TO HAVE THE OPPORTUNITY TO GET THE EXPOSURE NEEDED PLAY AT THE COLLEGE LEVEL (OR BEYOND)! This is why you don't see any information on this website as to how our teams do when we travel! That's not what we are about. We are about the recruitment of every player in the program.

To be the Best you have to play with the Best


Hi Coach,

Hard to believe it's been over a year since the boys attended their last MaxBat event in Las Vegas in Nov 2015.  With their high school baseball season starting later this week, I wanted to share the news with you.
The boys have been accepted and will be continuing their athletic careers playing D3 baseball at the University of Wisconsin - Oshkosh.  Several of their summer travel teammates will be joining them, as well as some other local HS competitors.
Back when we started with MaxBat in the summer of 2013, the winter camp was still held in Dodgertown.  That was a great experience that left a big impression on the boys and showed them that they had the skills to compete at the next level.  Coupled with the instruction from the college coaches who attended, the boys left camp with a roadmap to follow for the next 3 years to improve their baseball skills.  We looked forward to the offseason because the MaxBat events helped the boys keep a focus on training that set them apart from their teammates when competing for playing time in high school.
Thanks to you, Jackson, and the coaches that worked with the boys over the years.  Hopefully their paths will cross with you again during the next 4 years and maybe beyond !

Bob Niedzwiecki

To be the Best

You have to play with the Best

Team MaxBat 15u Team 2012