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More Details on the National Teams

Cost Breakdown

The total price to play on one of these teams for one season is $2800 per player for 1st year players.

2nd year returning players is $2200.

3rd year returning players is $1800.

These prices are based on a player attending 4-6 events. With that being said, this is a Need-Based program just like colleges. Players who play in this program only pay what their family can afford based on certain criteria that their family falls into. Contact Pat at
teammaxbat@gmail.com to find out about how the process of applying for aid starts.

Players can also choose to only attend certain events.

The price for attending 3 or less events is $500 an event
. (Scholarships start at 4 or more events)

"I played with Team MaxBat my freshmen year and attended the Winter Camp. I learned a lot and really enjoyed the entire experience. I attended a showcase every year after that and was invited back each year. Although I never accepted the invitation again, I would like to thank you and your crew for everything"

This past weekend I signed with Quincy University of Illinois. 
I fill Team MaxBat has helped me to achieve this. 
Thanks again,
Michael Sloan 
Mulberry Grove, IL


To be the Best you have to play with the Best

Central Region
UBA-Nebraska Prospects Invitational
Omaha, Nebraska
September 22nd - 23rd

Fly into Omaha

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Team MaxBat 2018 National Team Info

Teams range from 9th grade to 12th grade
Players who receive an invite to play on these teams will experience life as a College Baseball Player.
College Recruiters are your coaches at all the events.

The 2018 - 2019 events will be in these regions of recruiting:

West Coast Region

Southern California August Showcase Scrimmages

August 25th - 26th

Fly into San Diego Airport

East Coast Region
BSE Back to School Wood Bat
Pottstown, PA
September 8th - 9th

Fly into Philadelphia

Mid-West Region
MaxBat Fall Exposure Event

Henry Aaron Field
1301 W. Hampton Ave.  Glendale, WI.
October 13th - 14th

Fly into Milwaukee Airport
South Region

Open to Outside Players
Southern Baseball Workouts/Showcase
UT Dallas
Richardson, Texas
December 1st - 2nd

Fly into Dallas Fortworth Airport

Southwest Region
USSSA MLK Global NIT Arizona
January 12th - 14th, 2019



Fly into Phoenix

 Once a player competes in all of these events with the college coaches from that region  coaching him that player will then have Nation Wide exposure in only six events. 

If you are flying in alone for an event and we are responsible for getting you to and from the airport then you cannot get a flight before noon that Friday before an event.  You need to let us know that you will be coming in later on Friday after 1pm.  At no time is it OK to come in on Thursday before an event. No coaches will be available to pick you up nor where there be a hotel room available.
Also you must fly in between 1pm and 6pm on Friday and do not schedule your return flights home until after 6pm on the last day of each event.

It is not OK to leave on a Monday after the event is over. No coaches will be around to get you back to the airport. Players who fly in alone will be housed in rooms with 4 players per room. Each player will need to bring $25 per night for the event. Team MaxBat will reserve the room for these players.


New for National Players!

Starting in the spring/summer of 2018 NO National Player will have to pay for any Summer Combines that are hosted by Team MaxBat.

(video and secondary position cost still will apply if a player decides to choose those options)

What Else is Included?

  • Custom Bat from MaxBat (must play in 4 or more events to receive)
  • Team Jersey
  • Back Pack​ (must play in all 6 events to receive)
  • Representation to college coaches around the country
  • Discounts on all MaxBat bats and apparel that is listed on the MaxBatswebsite
  • Letter of Support from the coaches at Team MaxBat to help with college entrance

Hotel Information
1- The cost of a hotel for each player you is coming in alone to an event is $25 a night x 2 nights equals $50 (if you come in alone)

2- We will line up rooms for players who come in alone which means that players will need to bring an extra $50 to each event to cover their two nights in the hotel. ($75 for the 3 day events). We will put four players to a room to help keep this cost affordable.

Refund Policy
 There are no refunds of any sort after July 1st of the present playing season. All money after that date has already been delegated to the entities that we use to run the program. If a player cannot attend, Team MaxBat will try to work with the player by offering future events or a partial refund if a replacement player can be found after August 1st to take that players spot.

One Last Point
 A player who plays on these teams will have a step up on all the competition because he is being groomed to play at the collegiate level by people who are coaching college baseball. We do not play to win at these events but we do because the college coaches just let the boys play so they can see every aspect of their game.

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Motel for Winter Camp 2017

UT Dallas

  Hawthorne Suites        250 Municipal Dr     Richardson, TX

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