5 Event Package(with deposit)

*$1800 - 1st Year*

*$1700 - 2nd Year*

*1600 - 3rd Year*

​*1500 - 4th Year*

5 Event Package(one time payment)

*$1500 - 1st Year*

*$1400 - 2nd Year*

*1300 - 3rd Year*

*1200 - 4th Year*

Per Event

*$400 - Every Year*

2018 Events

Future Stars of Sports Summer Slam
Columbus, IN
August 10th - 12th, 2018

 Double Double Tourney
Sacramento, CA
August 31st - 2rd, 2018

 Fall Talent Search
Burlington, NC
October 12th - 14th, 2018

 2017 Winter Workouts/Showcases

Open to Outside Players
UT-Dallas, TX
December 1st - 2nd, 2018

 January Frozen Rope
Phoenix, AZ
January 11th - 13th, 2019

Players should arrive as close to 5pm on the Friday before each event to practice with their select teams and to do a skills test out to allow us to see progress in their game.

For 1st year players:


If you are flying in alone we will provide transportation as long as you fly in during the times we post on the site. If you cannot get there before 4pm on that Friday you need to let us know.  At no time is it OK to come in on Thursday the day before the Friday arrival time. No coaches will be available to pick you up nor where there be a hotel room for you. Nor is it OK to leave on a Monday after the event is over. No coaches will be around to get you back to the airport.

Once you are registered and your fee is paid there will be NO REFUNDS after July 30th. This does not leave enough time to find a replacement player before the first event.

 In the event any of the events (including the winter camp) are cancelled TMB is not responsible for lost airline fares.

A player who receives an invite to play on these teams means one thing, they were the top players at their state ran combine that they attended and the college coaches felt that they were on their way to playing at the collegiate level. They will be attending one to five events (their choice) during the Fall and Winter months where they will be going through skills test outs and then playing in a Tournament that the college coaches will be their coach. By the end of the weekend at one of these events the girls would have had over 4 personal tryouts for the college that was coaching them at that time.  All the stats gathered on the players at these events are sent out through the College Scouting Bureau to every college in the US at every level upon completion of each event.

 THESE PLAYERS SELECTED TO THIS TEAM ARE NOT BEING ASKED TO LEAVE THEIR CURRENT TRAVEL TEAMS, but to showcase themselves in an event designed to have them play with college coaches invested in actually being their coach during the event. (College coaches subject to change for each event based on the college coaches personal life affecting their availability).

Included for all players:

  • Jersey
  • Access to our National Training centers.
  • Access to all combines for FREE.
  • Reduced rates on lessons and equipment at any of our National Training centers. 
  • Bios made of each player, which are placed on the TMB Website. Video can be added for cost at any Combine that you decide to attend once you are in the program.   
  • College connections and guidance through the recruiting process.
  • Coaches who have coached or played at the next level to help guide you through the recruiting process.
  • College coaches at each event will differ based on region. TMB signs the coach to come in based on their availability. That is subject to change based on the college coach's personal agenda.

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Included for players in 5 events:

For 2nd, 3rd, & 4th year players:

National Team 

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